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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 24, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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more. >> reporter: despite the construction vehicles outside the elementary school, what is unnerving for some parents who saw the last-minute renovations, it puts their kids at risk, especially when it comes to air quality. in fact the pta president kept his 6-year-old home today but everyone else we talked torque the principal, school building inspectors and the chancellor of dc public school, said they believe burrows elementary is safe. as show walks 5-year-old deron and 4-year-old destiny to the elementary school for the first day of class, jamie says she is not concerned about recent repairs about the school. >> i have been in there plenty of times throughout the summer. i think it will be okay. i figure they will have it all done by the first day. >> reporter: and they were. the floor shined. the walls were freshly painted. as part of the district's phase one modernization plan. >> as soon as you walked in the school this morning, you could definitely tell the change. >> reporter: but the pta president clarence terry was unhappy about the pace of change.
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he kept his son home today, and was standing outside the school with facemasks for students and staff. out of fear that last-minute renovations, including overnight, jeopardized the school's air quality. >> we appreciate the efforts, but we just think that the air quality here in the school is not safe, according to epa guidelines. >> reporter: dc school chancellor michelle rhee was quick to dispute any accusation about bad wear. >> i'm not sure what it is all about, but the school is open this morning because several air quality tests in the school have passed. >> reporter: and the school principal linda little is anxious to close the books on the whole controversy and get on with the new school year. >> it is safe, and we would not be here if it were not. >> reporter: now, a group called the ward five council on eld cation says it is -- education says it is asking school officials to release all of the air quality testing results from burrows elementary school and we're told that will be happening. in the meantime, they say if this had been done sooner shall
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the first day of school here at burrows elementary school could have been flawless. leslie and anita, back to you. >> thanks. area schools are being told to keep the learning going, even if swine flu strikes this fall. education secretary a arne duncan and health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius joined adrian fenty and michelle rhee for the first day of school at hook elementary in northwest and secretary duncan urged educators to have online materials and other resources to make sure kids can keep learning even if they have to stay at home. >> some schools may experience large absentee rates and some schools across the country may have to be closed at some point during the school year and we must make sure that learning continues if the flu virus spreads. >> secretary inteel intellous sebeliues says they will work
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with schools. and prince george's county students were starting school today. they were greeted by the superintendent in laurel. and they checked in on students and teachers at the elementary school this morning. >> she is dedicated to teaching you everything that she possibly can so you can grow up one day and do anything that you want to do. okay? who knows what they want to do already when they grow up? you do? what do you want to do? >> i will do anything. >> all right. with nearly 134,000 students, prince george's county has the second largest school system in maryland. montgomery county is the biggest. students in anne arundel county, frederick and charles county also headed back to school today. at tommy stone high school in waldorf, officers passed out safety flyers to teen drivers arriving for the first day of classes. and charles county luncd the
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campaign after ne in thca the 2000 20002008-2009 school year. >> and upload your pictures from the first day of school at and click on photo tab, and then photo gallery. this just in to the 9 news now foinioatrmn center. tonight, an 87-year-old man has enbeatcharged with errdmug ina 91-year-old man in hoa ward county nursing home. police say earl lafayette wilder attacked james w. brown last week, investigators say brown was sitting outside the facility, when wilder began to strike him in the head unprovoked. and wilder was charged with second-degree murder after brown died over the weekend. and this is howard county's first murder of the year. two electrical workers are in the hospital tonight after an explosion near dupont circle. the contract employees were working in an electrical vault this afternoon, when the explosion happened in the 1500 block of 19th street northwest. one of the workers was
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critically burned. the other suffered smoke inhalation. >> we saw the smoke. and i tried not to inhale, because it smelled at the beginning very bad and i thought it is better not to inhale. so we passed by very quickly and my friend, he saw somebody lying on the ground. >> the fire department along with investigators are now trying to determine exactly what caused today's electrical explosion. a place that was closed for urgent repairs in gages is now open. and isaiah legget was on hand to celebrate the east deer park drive bridge. the span carrying traffic over the csx railroad was first erected in 1946. the construction contract required the bridge to be reopened before the inbea ginng of the school yedrrothe h ugaru n'tyrns soerco n'sorntycos e ern'so rncoeaer area, you will wo. th owthis. k crews working y ltwa ho e thbet y wa hot la ifting steel beamt ta ss lifting steel beams into place tonight. now, this is scheduled to take
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drivers can expect ramp osekwecl urdrivers can expect ramp the wathe rkll wowid the work on from 9:30 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. a massive steel column from the world trade center returned to ground zero today. the 36-foot tall beam was dubbed the last column. it was the last final standing piece of steel removed from the site. the last column is covered with firehouse patches and police logos and union stickers now and it will become part of the national september 11th memorial and museum. a newly released c.i.a. report sheds more light on just what happened inside the agency's secret prisons for suspected terrorists. the document written in 2004 includes more allegations of torture. and now, the obama administration is taking new steps to distance himself further from the bush white house, by changing the way detainees are questioned. witt johnson reports. >> reporter: c.i.a. agents held a power drill and a handgun close to this man
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trying to get him to talk. he is abdul him raal-rashiri a suspect in the boing ofmbthe u.s.s. cole. and muhamed was told he would have children killed if any attacks happened on u.s. soil and the mock executions were used in a secret prison in an effort to get information out of suspected terrorists and the new details were in a c.i.a. document written in 2004 but just made public. two former agency directors tried to keep it under wraps. a c.i.a. spokesperson called the report's revelation ancient history, and insists the agents involved in using those questionable tactics have already been disciplined. but officials here at the justice department are launching their own investigation. attorney general eric holder has assigned a federal prosecutor to look into whether or not c.i.a. officials or contractors broke the law when they used harsh interrogation techniques. as the new details about
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allegations of abuse were revealed, the white house announced it is changing the way terror suspects are questioned. the obama administration has created a new interrogation unit, led by the fbi instead of the c.i.a. former agency official bob bar says that is a good idea. >> nothing that i've seen suggests that torture got us better information than the fbi got from interrogating the same individuals without torture, without the abusive techniques. >> reporter: members of the new unit will have to follow new directives. among them no more subjecting prisoners to sleep deprivation or loud music for long periods of time in an effort to gain information. witt johnson, cbs news, washington. a justice department official tells the associated press attorney general holder has picked prosecutor john durham to investigate c.i.a. mistreatment of terror suspects. right now, firefighters are battling a huge blaze at a detroit chemical plant. that this is a live look from the scene. the fire department says only people in the immediate area
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have been evacuated but they are watching the wind direction to see if more people should be moved. witnesses say there was a series of explosions at the 7500 square foot facility. so far, we have no word on what kind of chemicals that company supplies or if anyone was injured at the plant. it is the end of the road for the highly successful cash for clunkers program. but it did hit a few bumps along the way and as alexis christophorous reports, car makers could be in for a a tough road ahead, now that the big government rebate is gone. >> you know, it is taller than a regular minivan. >> reporter: tony is the owner of a brand new fuel-efficient cargo van for his business. he took advantage of the $4,500 government rebate for his old gas-guzzling suv. >> the fact that we will be getting a nice rebate, and it really is what made the deal. >> reporter: but tony had a tough time finding a dealer that would cash in his clunker. although monday was the last day for the program, many dealerships stopped offering money back over the weekend.
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including the country's largest car dealer, auto nation. the reason? a swarm of business left many dealers without cars. >> we had to turn a lot of people around because the inventory is not just there for us anymore. >> reporter: the clunker program may have catapulted car sales but many dealers still haven't seen their money. this dealership has filed more than $700,000 in rebates with the government. it has only been paid $80,000. sales manager fred cicone says it takes over an hour to do the paperwork for one deal. >> they don't give us a date on when the money will come through. >> reporter: transportation officials believe cash for clunkers helped sell over 700,000 cars and now that it is over, sales are expected to drop to preclunker levels for the next year. >> by the middle of 2010, we're starting to see some noticeable improvement in the new car market. >> reporter: dealerships are hoping the money from clunkers
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can keep them running until then. alexis christophorous, cbs news, new york. auto dealers now have until noon tomorrow to file the paperwork they need to get repaid for the cash for clunkers credits. the transportation department says the extension is due to an overwhelming demand on the computer system set up to handle the claims. big news when it comes to bedding. a federal appeals court has ruled delaware's plan to a allow widespread sports betting violates the law. the decision came after arguments from lawyers representing the state as well as pro sports and the ncaa. the court said delaware's plan would violate a 1992 federal ban on sports wagering. okay, are you feeling lucky? there was no winner in this weekend's mega millions drawing. and that means the jackpot for tomorrow's drawing dsst medst e game is played in maryland, and virginia, and 10 other states and the jackpot is among the 10 largest ever for the
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game. in frederick, maryland, sky 9 flew over the scene of a massive downed tree in molenick park. people are being directed away from the park pavilion as a precaution and city officials tell 9 news the 83-foot black locust tree was struck by lightning friday night. it is scheduled to be removed later this week. not a bad day to the start of the week. meteorologist topper shutt is out there with more information. >> and we had a few thunderstorms early this morning, across the delmarva, and they are gone from here. and the forecast for tonight, gr eat shape, and turn off the ac rlly. and clear to partly cloudy bl mp e mpteatn er i60es abp amlyth inals, rage llney,th ow generally, 84 s, finri in fdown down in quantico. and we will come back and talk about another little area in the tropics we're watching and we will talk about the heat when that is going to roll back into the metro area, coming up.
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>> thanks, topp. coming up how a buffalo fire claimed the lives of two firefighters. and veterinarians work to control a flu outbreak among will be back. x county. wi be back. b
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come on in. you're invited to the chevy open house. where getting a new vehicle is easy. because the price on the tag is the price you pay on remaining '08 and '09 models. you'll find low, straightforward pricing. it's sple. now get an 2009 chevy sio lvaderlforha-t fon f $18,000 after all offers. go to for mols dai et . stocks did not move much to start the week on wall street. the dow finished the day up three points to close at 9509.
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the nasdaq was down 2 points and the s&p 500 was down a fraction. now, we've seen plenty of news reports on the h1n1 virus infecting humans. but the flu virus affecting dogs is not getting as much play. now, some pet owners and vets are trying to get ahead of an outbreak. digital correspondent siray chin has the update. >> good boy. >> reporter: vet napers are busy at deep -- veterinarians are busy at deep woods vet clinic, with the dogs getting the flu vaccine. >> you will see leth ji and sneezing and maybe runny eyes. >> reporter: the concern is not every dog owner and clinic knows how contagious the dog flu is and we can get the flu and carry it on our clothes for 48 hours and symptoms may not show up for another five days. >> the thing about being -- she didn't have any symptoms at all. >> reporr: m kileo wants to warn dog owners about the dangers of the dog flu.
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her 15-year-old sight hound died from the canine influenza. the first and only reported dog death so far, from the virus in northern virginia. >> wouldn't walk. wouldn't -- she wasn't there, you know. >> reporter: as we reported, more than 30 dogs got sick at the fairfax animal shelter forcing them to shut down the dog adoption program for now. and art preddinger keeping a keen eye on the animals and seeing a drop on the doggy day care by 50%. >> it is alarming how quickly one infected dog can infect an entire facility. >> reporter: the vaccine is $28 to $40. >> $28 compared to the rest of their life. >> reporter: leo says it is a small price to pay to keep the canine community safe. 9 news now, 9 news. >> there were two more dogs infected last week at the animal shelter. all of the sick animals have
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recovered and the doctors say they are often misdiagnosed with kennel cough when they in fact have the strain of dog flu. two firefighters were killed at a fire in buffalo, in a burning convenience store when the first floor collapsed into the basement and firefighters lined up and took off their helmets and some saluted as gurneys carrying the bodies were brought out of the store. there is no immediate word yet on the cause of the blaze. some extraordinary efforts are under way to contain some wildfires in greece. firefighters from france, italy, and cypress, along with 17 water dropping planes and heptds are bat -- helicopters are battling six major fires. the flames stretched more than 30 miles northeast of athens. officials have not said what started the wildfires, which are the worst in two years. bill is losing strength as it moves over cooler waters off the coast of canada. the storm has been blamed for two deaths, one of them a 7- year-old girl who was swept into the ocean yesterday, while watching waves crest off
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arcadia national park in maine. the girl's father and a 12-year- old girl were rescued. the hurricane is also blamed for the death of a 54-year-old swimmer saturday in florida. the weather is improving for tomorrow's scheduled launch of the shuttle discovery. the orbiter's seven astronauts will deliver about 17,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station. three space walks are planned for the 13-day journey. a local astronaut, patrick forester from springfield, virginia is, a member of the crew. some pretty good weather to welcome back our colleague here. you have been gone for a week. >> it was great. we got out of the outer banks, just as bill was moving in. >> good for you. >> rough surf. you guys dealt with the rough surf? >> it got really rough at the very end. and the surfers loved it. and the kids did not. >> reporter: what a beautiful day. we did have some thunderstorms south and east of town but heavy earlier, 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., but the rest of the day, quite spectacular. no humidity. and i mean saturday, it was just like cutting butter,
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wasn't it? >> yes. >> and here is the forecast first now. the next three day, temperatures are going up a little bit. and 89 tomorrow, and 91 on wednesday, and then 88 with thunderstorms coming back into forecast on thursday. and still not super hot. and tonight, clear to partly cloudy. comfortable. and lows in the 60s. really a very nice night. winds will be light. and sun goes down now at 7:50. we're losing about a minute on either side now each day and the sunrise and sunset department. temperatures 85 at national. 84 in frederick. 84 in manassas. generally mid 80s. the temperatures are a little below average actually. and we're looking at low 80s for annapolis and 83 also down at patuxent river. tomorrow, mostly sunny and pleasant. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. light winds again. and by afternoon, very nice, mostly sunny, it will be almost hot, but really not just humid and that's really what counts and the high temperatures near 90. and we can have 90 degrees, it is not so bad when it is not humid. we will be in pretty good shape.
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and satellite picture, radar combined and improving down in florida, and still some thunderstorms not far from the cape. and most of the activity is now offshore. but the frontal boundary is there. another tropical system that could become a tropical storm. we will take you down there, it is about 100 miles or so from the leeward islands and pretty far away from puerto rico but could become danny. we will keep you posted. pretty good convection there and it looks like a little bit of circulation to it but we will keep an eye on it. zoom back to the east. showers and storms offshore. these were the showers and thunderstorms this morning. and again, these are really pretty heavy. it produced anywhere from two to three inches of rain across parts of cal vert county and st. mary's county. and they have now just kind of lingered across the delmarva. and here is the zone forecast. all six zone, still on the web site, and, 87 winchester. sunshine. 87 leesburg. very nice day. upper 80s for fairfax. maybe we will hit 90 on wood bury, if not on tuesday, it will be wednesday. >> 9 at bowie.
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not quite as warm at the bay. a great day to be on the water. low humidity. low temperatures. and lots of sunshine and no big winds. good deal. 90 as you go down toward waldorf. the next seven day, 89 tomorrow. mostly sunny. and 91 on wednesday. heating up just a little bit. and then upper 80s on thursday. here comes more thunderstorms. we talked about that last week, in fact. and the timing has not changed. unfortunately, the showers and storms linger friday, and saturday, and we will take temperatures down a a little bit, because of the showers, and maybe a lingering shower on sunday, and 84 and then almost cool next monday with highs only around 80. >> about time. >> of course, we are getting close to september by then, aren't we? >> we are. >> coming up quick. but do you still want to get away before the unofficial end of summer? we will have some advice on finding great travel bargains this upcoming labor day week d. coming up next. r42rpp
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tempting last-minute vacation opportunities. experts say travelers can take advantage of new holiday deals being posted every day, every hour. >> if they decide today, or they decide next friday that they want to get away for labor day weekend, they will be able to find a place within their budget. >> reporter: how about mexico, hawaii, vegas or london? these destinations provide great discounts on hotels and plane tickets. and according to aaa, domestic a air fare across the board are at least 17% lower than last year. >> we are probably going to expect to see a somewhat softer labor day overall than a year ago. >> that means the travel industry is eager for business. >> this year, they recognize that if they don't give you a good deal, they are not going to fill their rooms. and so the conserthivdr e 'sert n't overlook fode erlot four and star hotels. pbol geacokal kas deh whl icw. bo pe acgealdes which are
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sometimes less expensive than air fare alone. and check web sites daily. >> united airlines launched a labor day sale, a lot of airlines have matched that. but we may see the regular weekend fares pop up, too, for labor day. >> that means check back the wednesday before labor day, and see if airlines decide to offer regular weekend rates, because of lower ticket sales. >> of course, there is always the option of a road trip, according to aaa gas prices in the washington area are down about a buck since this time last year, and experts expect they will hold steady through the upcoming holiday weekend. jessica doyle, 9 news now, and a closer look at aaa's fuel gauge report shows regular gas here in the dc metro area now averages $2.59. nationwide, the average is about $2.63. that's down $1.06 from last year. president obama's vacation begins on martha's vineyard. i am hari sreenivasan with the
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story coming up. whose driveway is it anyway? i'm peggy fox in poolsville where a dispute between the upople and the town has tinou chewortd arup t tinhe court. inb@b@fab@
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welcome back. let's reset some of the top stories in the news now. a law enforcement source sells the l.a. county coroner's office has ruled the death of michael jackson a homicide. that makes it more likely that criminal charges will be filed
5:31 pm
against the doctor with the pop star when he passed away. an 87-year-old man is charged with murdering a 91- year-old man in a howard county nursing home. police say earl lafayette wilder attacked james w. brown last week, the beating was unprovoked and howard county's first murder of the year. students return to school today in the district but the day did not go smoothly everywhere. the pta president kept his son home from the elementary school because of concerns about air quality. school officials maintain the air inside the school is safe. a nasty neighborhood dispute is pitting the town ol esvpoin ailsostgaofme pofolpo sville against some ofle the ndescoenpopet ggx y gifo rrespocoent peggy fox report, the disagreement started over the use of a shared driveway. >> we purposefully bought it this way because we would be back away from the road. >> linda and don barnes decided to buy the home on a pipe stem for the peace and quiet and
5:32 pm
often feel like they're living next to an office building. >> this brings all of the traffic, the commercial traffic up and down the roads. >> the married neighbors to then bu r e netrmessofis rud oun their business out of the home which the couple advertises in many places. >> this is on the back of a local church bulletin. >> reporter: a neighborhood cov nant says the lots are used exclusively for residential purposes only. >> we pay property taxes on all that land, that is now advertised, completely advertised and used for commercial use. >> reporter: the barnes also sa y the optrmetsisare not just doctors but retailers who sell contact lenses and other products. it is not zoned for retail. barnes say they have significants of 71 homeowners in the immediate neighborhood, who oppose the optometrist's business. but they say the town just ignored that list and the neighborhood covenant and granted the optometrists an exception. since then, the barnes have appealed the decision and they say it is worth the legal fight to protect their home's value.
5:33 pm
>> how much? >> $25,000. >> do you think you would lose more than that if you sold now? >> oh, absolutely. hundreds of thousands. >> yes. >> with a full-fledged business and two doctors operating out of that house. >> neither optometrist returned phone calls or answered their door today. in poolsville, peggy fox, 9 news and the poolsville town attorney did not return calls and the town manager said he could not comment on e the la uit since it is the appes s.proc c the long dispute between preservation ilmwat ar thd walmart be be y ecutives wa exy buivutwa d nt to build a ntr suntpeerce near the ldwinee bldtlatfield in . iain d now historians contend the ste wi llinbrg congestion to the area, where robert e. lee and ulysses s.met infi met in ougeorbont cary t d e orange county board of issurvcopesu oruld issue a special use pe itrmfor the retailer following a 6:00 p.m. hearing tonight. white house officials are stressing that president obama
5:34 pm
is on a private vacation with very little in the way of planned activities or work. and as hari sreenivasan reports, that is just the way other vacationers on martha's vineyard say it should be. >> reporter: president obama hit the links on the first full day of his vacation. selden haver ty who has been coming to martha's vineyard for years has the island eye it tin rather similar to the -- itinerary similar to the president's. >> this is about as energetic as it gets. rocking back and forth and trying to catch the occasional breeze. this is the life. >> reporter: like the president, he headed to martha's vineyard to unplug from a demanding job. >> to turn off my beeper and not worry about something crashing, great relief. >> reporter: some relief is what white house staffers hope the president will be able to find on the first official vacation since taking office. >> it is important for the president, just like it is for any other individual to take a little time, and spend it with their family, recharge their
5:35 pm
batteries so they're ready for the final push for the year. >> reporter: while president obama doesn't have any public events on his schedule, the entire week, he doesn't have the luxury of completely walking away from his job. like other vacationers. before golfing, president obama spent some time working out and playing tennis with the first lady. but he also got his daily national security briefing. dozens of aides are here on the island to help keep him posted on everything from the health care debate, to afghanistan. still fellow travelers say he deserves to unwind. >> let's give him a break and let him spend a week at martha's vineyard and come over here and get taffy and i will buy it for him if he would like. >> reporter: most believe the president deserves a rest, many are hoping to run into the first family. hari sreenivasan, cbs news, marcia's vineyard. >> a president told reporters his daughters were swimming while on the golf course and white house aides have asked journalists not to tail the first daughters when not with their parents. a close call for a 3-year- old girl rescued from a swimming pool in florida. the child was stuck in a
5:36 pm
suction pipe in the pool in key biscayne. now her head stayed above the water, during the entire ordeal. and she was rushed to the hospital to be checked out after she was freed from the pool. teen idol nick jonas brought his campaign against diabetes to washington today. the youngest member of the jonas brothers was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age 13. >> when blood sugar is high and low and it would be easy to throw in the towel and enough is enough and i would be liking to have a day off from having diabetes. but it just doesn't work like that. >> nick discussed his personal fight with this disease during a national press club luncheon and wrote the song, a little bit longer, to inspire those who live with diabetes to live their lives to the fullest. the "cbs evening news" is less than an hour away. anchor katie couric joins us live from new york city with a preview. good evening, katie. >> hi there, leslie. welcoming up as you know, a new
5:37 pm
c.i.a. report says interrogators threatened to kill the children of a 9/11 suspect, and now the justice department says it will investigate other alleged c.i.a. abuses. plus, the white house says the h1n1 vaccine should be ready a month earlier, as kids go back to school, how prepared is the u.s. medical system? dr. jennifer ashton is at the cdc headquarters with a live report on that story. so those stories and a lot more, coming up tonight only on the "cbs evening news," right after 9 news now. leslie, back to you. >> school started for a 5 lot of kids in our area and a lot of parents will be following that story. katie, thanks for that. talk about the look for less. we will show you how to get a new look for nothing at all. when 9 news now returns. ws
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there is a gold mine in your closet and to tap into the riches all you have to do is take a good look at what you're not putting to use and invite some friends over a and swap until you drop. >> i was just looking at all these things that i have in my closet that still have the price tags on them. >> you probably have said this, too. >> i have to buy like two of everything. >> who gave this red dress up? >> when pamela nephews closet started to bulge and her wallet felt the squeeze, she got a great idea. >> i know there are other ladies who have the same problem. plus, let's get together and just swap it. >> communal trading has taken off in this economy. while retail sales at big stores have take an hit. the new buyer out there wants something for nearly nothing. enter, the swap party. >> didn't have to pull any money out of my pocket, so it is all good with that. >> yes. yes. >> you work it. >> these women came from near and far, just for the thrill of sifting through racks of clothes, shoes, and jewelry,
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and in the fredericksburg home. >> look at that. >> i have to try it on. >> they modeled the morning around and kim coleman got to shed her military identity for one where she can really let her hair down. >> for my trip to puerto rico, this, i love it. after wearing a uniform for 24 years, you just kind of want to just change and refresh. >> reporter: a few pieces like these at the mal can really add up. -- at the mall can really add up. here a wardrobe transformation takes place for free. >> you save money and the things you don't use or don't want, you can donate it and it is a win-win situation. >> i don't want it left here. swap party with a purpose. >> absolutely. >> the women donated all of the remaining items to a a local women's shelter. and if you are planning your own swap party, pam offers these suggestions. you want to print out a flier like this one, or send out an e- mail, but don't put my name at the bottom, because i can't make it to everybody es party,
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as much as i would love to, and have each participant bring at least five items to the swap and make sure you try everything on because sizes can be deceiving and of course, donate the rest to a worthy cause. >> a great idea. >> a lot of fun to watch. a lot of fun to watch. new wardrobe and you haven't spent any money. >> love it. and coming up, actress lindsey lohan is the fict of crime. the -- the victim of crime. the search for the suspect is over but many details about the murder of a california model still remain a mystery. coal brennen may be the fan favorite but after saturday night, chase daniel is making a believer out of redskins nation. is the quarterback the real deal? i'm sara walsh, that story ahead. we will take you out with the pollen count and guess what jumps up with the rain? mold spores jumped up. go to our web site, and click on the weather tab, an then click on the allergy update in the drop-down menu.
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a search is under way for a missing a-year-old girl in beltsville, the youngster boarded her school bus around 2:00 p.m. but never arrived home. prince george's county police are involved in the search, and focusing on allendale road in beltsville. the student's name and the school she attended are not being released at this time. again, they're looking for a 5- year-old. the international man hunt for a fugitive accused of a gruesome murder is now over. karen brown reports, canadian police found the body of reality star ryan jenkins was found 90 miles from the border in vancouver. >> reporter: reality show contestant ryan jenkins was found hanging from a coatrack. >> the preliminary evidence suggests that he took his own life. >> reporter: police have located the mystery woman who helped check him into the motel. she paid cash for the room while he sat in the car. police say she knew jenkins but would not identify her.
5:47 pm
there had been a massive international man stunt for the 32-year-old. police believe he murdered his ex-wife, bikini model jasmine fiore. she was found stuffed in a suitcase in a suburban los angeles dumpster mutilated. and a background check shows jenkins had a history of domestic violence. >> ryan jenkins is an animal. what he has done to jasmine is unspikable. >> reporter: investigators -- unspeakable. >> reporter: investigators are looking for fiore's white mercedes and they believe it could be the key to unraveling where she was murdered and whether jenkins had help disposing of her body. >> god i love my life. >> reporter: after being cast in an american reality show, jenkins seemed to have it made. videos on his my space page showed the canadian living it up with fiore. but after fiore's body was found, jenkins disappeared. >> the ring was tightening on him. he obviously was desperate. >> reporter: investigators believe he likely had help escaping back into canada, and they're now looking for any
5:48 pm
accomplices. karen brown, cbs news. >> police are investigating a burglary at lindsey lohan's home. a spokesperson for the actress says her hollywood hills home was broken into yesterday. and lindsey and her younger sister ali not home at the time but many of her personal belongings were apparently taken. and police are now reviewing security surveillance video from the home. turns out dc is a pretty good place to see a concert. the city has broken into stub hub's top 10 list this year for summer concert tickets. the rankings are based on total sales. and the best selling acts, bruce springsteen, elton john, billy joel, and paul mccartney. and it is from number 18 last year to number 6 this year. and 9 news now at 6:00 is about 15 minutes away and here is a look at what we have new for you tonight. and details of a potentially dangerous drug, and we're going to tell you more about it coming up at 6:00. plus, see how brewers could
5:49 pm
help americans use less foreign oil. and find out what happens when people living in one community learn libya's muomar quadafi is moving into the hood. up tonight at 6:00. kind of a soupy weekend. but today, really a marvelous monday. when you talk about humidity. >> it really is. >> upper 80s. but you know, with low humidity and it is copt. >> stellar, and there is -- it is comfortable. >> stellar. >> and that is the deal tomorrow. hot tomorrow but not humid. >> and we had big thunderstorms earlier today, in st. mary's county and everything is now across the bay. and here is the forecast for the next three days. sunshine tomorrow. 89, and 91 on wednesday, and a little bit more humid, we will call it hot on wednesday and then thunderstorms come back on thursday, and high temperatures in the upper 80s and for tonight, clear to partly cloudy, and comfortable, and lows in the 60s and you probably could turn the air off, and winds lit,ghand the sun goes down at 7:50. now we get into the temperatures, low 80s, now, and low 80s gaithersburg and 83 in upper marlboro.
5:50 pm
tomorrow, mostly sunny, and pleasant. 60s and 70s. light winds. and by afternoon, mostly sunny, and almost hot. and not humid. high temperatures near 90. so really a pretty nice day with winds continue to be light. satellite picture, radar combined, look carefully now, you can see the showers and thunderstorms, where they are now across the delmarva. here is where they were this morning. and we were talking about them at 5:00 and 6:00 this morning. pretty big. three inches of rain in participants of southern st. mary's county and st. mary's county was under a severe thunderstorm warning for about an hour this morning. next seven days, 89 tomorrow, and sunshine, and 91 on wednesday, and we're sort of getting hot and a little more humid and then thunderstorms on thursday, 88, and a lot of thunderstorms, on and off, friday and saturday, and good news is, it lowers temperatures, and bad news is, it is going to be kind of an all day affair and maybe we salvage sunday afternoon, mid 80s and then only 80 next monday. the last day of august next week. >> and they got a w in the
5:51 pm
column but they're still a battle going on for number three. >> the quarterback. we know who the starter is going to be. and we always know that in washington, the most popular guy in town is the number two quarterback and then the number three quarterback and until they become the number one quarterback and then they're not popular any more because they have problems. for all of the drama surrounding jason campbell this off-season and the struggles he had in the first two preseason game, he is the starting quarterback and at least for the moment he is unchallenged in that position. todd collins is his backup. but where it gets interesting is in that number three spot. sara walsh reports tonight, the colts versus chase thing is starting to get interesting. >> reporter: football is a numbers game. and chase daniels, saturday stats, proved he could play. the rookie went six of eight with two touchdowns. [ cheering ] >> that's exactly what the quarterback needs to do, and show them that i belong here and belong in the game and i flow it is just one game. >> the number he can't really change is the one holding him back. s . heightt, the one-time heisman finalist from missouri is listed as six
5:52 pm
feet tall and jim zorn was asked even that was a bit generous. >> he would be mortified if we were talking about his height. i don't tell him to stand taller. i never said anything about his height. he is only as high as he is. >> it is the story of my life. everyone just questions it. but you can't question my heart. you can't question my brains or my arm or my skill. >> daniel's performance was surprising but perhaps more startling is the poor play of the fan favorite colt grennen, two preseason picks and a quarterback rating of only 18. >> this year, i swear i'm not playing bad football but my stats are not the greatest stats right now. >> reporter: and colt brennen would battle todd collins for the number two spot is what they said before the training camp began and collins is not bowing down and brennen faces a fight to keep his spot on the roster. daniel may be a long shot but even tougher, bettering his nfl debut. >> you realized you changed expectations now for when you step out on the field next? >> yes, i got to go out there for three next time, right?
5:53 pm
>> at redskins park, sara walsh, 9 news, and >> it is the same thing every year. remember last year, colt brennen came out of hawaii, the young kid and lit up the scoreboard and everybody loved him and the flavor of the month is chase daniel and doing a great job but he will throw an interception and they will turn on him too. it is what we do in washington, we kill the quarterback and we want the next die to have a turn. the rite of august. >> flavor of the month. >> that's right. >> we will like jason again one day soon. >> it is the perfectly legal drug that kids are using for a jolt. and tonight's living well report, a possible prescription for trouble after the break. and don't forget, we are always on at ig ( sighs )
5:54 pm
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how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains... and 110 calories per lightly sweetened serving. more grains. less you. multigrain cheerios.
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every day, car seats save children from injury and car crashes and too much time in car seats for infants could cause problems by con compressing the baby's chest wall and squeezing the airway. >> young infants use the muscles between their ribs and use their diaphragms for breathing. and anything that restricts that can reduce the baby's ability to breathe effectively.
5:57 pm
>> the study of 200 newborns found those in a crib had higher oxygenation levels than those baby baby boomers who spent an hour at a time in a car seat and if your baby falls asleep in the car seat, avoid a tem tation to leave them for long periods of times. teens abusing prescription drugs and next to marijuana, prescription meds are the most try to get ghtoand a new study thamerican academy pediatrics show teens abusing attention deficit hyper activity disorder medications increased by 76% between 1998 and 2005. >> i love it. i can tune everything out. all of the distractions. >> due really think about anything else. you don't look at the clock. you don't think about wanting to go to bed. you keep reading and reading and reading. >> school campuses across the nation, young people are using
5:58 pm
ritalin to study harder and party longer with 2 million children taking it legally, and getting ritalin illegally is a cinch. >> when abused or used more than properly, it can co serious damage to the human body. >> when abused ritalin is in the same class of drugs as amphetamines and cocaine. it can cause psychological problems. violent behavior. convulsions. and even heart attacks and strokes. >> my freshman year, it was very prevalent among the majority of my friends. i had heard stories of kids taking it and in the middle of class. >> all of this behavior stopped at patrick henry high school after lucas lawson died from heart failure and collapsed shortly after snorting crushed ritalin at a party. >> it scares people and they realize it is stupid. >> is ritalin a harmless drug? >> the school took a proactive approach. ritalin abuse is openly talked about in drug prevention classes and so far students and
5:59 pm
administrators say it is working. unfortunately that can't be said of other schools. >> now, i need to emphasize here, taking ritalin as prescribed by a doctor is safe, according to medical professionals. the problems happen when it is used by those it is not intended for, or in large doses. to learn more about the signs of ritalin abuse, go to our web site, and click on living well. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news out of prince george's county. a search is under way for a missing 5-year-old girl in beltsville, she boarded her school bus around 2:00 this afternoon, but never arrived home. prince george's county police are involved in the search and they are focusing on annandale road in beltsville. we do not know the student's name or the school that she attended at this time. good evening. i'm less sy


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